Chiefs are unlikely to apply Chris Jones’ franchise tag for one reason.

This summer, the Kansas City Chiefs have the opportunity to sign Chris Jones with the franchise tag, but they are unlikely to do so for a major reason. Jones is a seasoned defensive tackle.

The Chiefs have acquired an option on Jones’s contract that permits them to keep the right to franchise tag the 29-year-old even though he is scheduled to become a free agency next month. But, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Sunday, the team is unlikely to take that action.

The average of the top five salaries paid to players at the player’s position across the league is often used to calculate the value of the franchise tag. Jones’s position is unique because his salary cap hit for 2023 was much higher than that amount, which works out to little about $20 million. Jones’ franchise tag price is determined by taking 120% of his cap number from the prior year, or about $32 million, because his cap number was greater.

The Chiefs most likely won’t tag Jones because of this.

This season, Jones was once again the cornerstone of Kansas City’s defense. In 16 games, he has 10.5 sacks following 2022, when he tied his career best with 15.5. Speaking earlier this week at the Chiefs’ Super Bowl triumph parade, he exuded a strong sense of confidence about his future.

Jones waited until the previous offseason to accept a revised deal for 2023. It may not be easy to negotiate a long-term agreement because he will surely want to be among the most paid defensive tackles in sport.

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