What is the significance of Knutson’s appeal to Celtics supporters?

Does Kjetil Knutson recall him? Does the Norwegian who oversees Bodo/Glimt still not sound familiar? Well, it should, given that many Celtic fans hold him in high regard.

It goes without saying that we saw Knutson’s sides play a particular brand of effective football when his Bodo/Glimt squad eliminated us from the conference league knockouts two years ago. He is well-respected.

When we were looking to replace Ange Postecoglou, a few people were considering Knutson before we decided to go with Brendan Rodgers. We weren’t the only team tipped to be interested in signing the Norwegian; not too long ago, a number of teams, including our Glasgow rivals, were said to be considering him.

Knutson, on the other hand, has stuck with the Norwegian side and doesn’t appear to be planning to leave anytime soon.

That and the fact that Brendan Rodgers is in charge haven’t stopped some fans from falling in love with the 55-year-old Norwegian.

This was the case just now, when his club’s spectacular team goal against Ajax in the conference league knockout stages left some fans in awe.

It was an excellent team goal, but why are they concerned about a guy whose tactical abilities we have only seen on rare occasions?

You do occasionally ponder over specific fans. We become jealous of managers who have no connection to us at all and fret about players who are gone.

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