Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors Is The NBA’s Most Clutch Player

The selection of Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry for this year’s NBA All-Star Game surprised a few people. Curry has some terrible shooting droughts, and the Warriors are only 27-26 going into the break, so he and the team have had some difficulties.

However, his performance was definitely worthy of an All-Star selection. Curry has averaged 28 points, 5.0 assists, 4.4 rebounds, and 33.5 minutes per game this season. This season hasn’t gone as well for him as previous ones since occasionally the supporting cast has been questionable.

In spite of this, he has continued to deliver excellent work. Curry created NBA history just before the All-Star break when he became the first player to make seven or more three-pointers in four straight games. As Golden State gets used to Klay Thompson’s new role coming off the bench, it was a much-needed performance.

A strong Curry performance will ease the transition because so many changes are being done. His 250 3-pointers this season lead the NBA and put him 69 points ahead of second place. He has continued to light it up from long range.

Additionally, Curry has continued to be a superb player when the Warriors most need him. According to’s John Schuhmann, the future Hall of Famer has kept raising

“Has scored 162 points, 54 more than any other player, with the score within five points in the last five minutes. His 28 clutch threes are eighteen more than any other player’s total, and among the 14 players who have attempted at least 20 clutch threes, his 28-for-58 (48.3%) percentage is the second-best. Among the 26 players who have tried at least 20 clutch free throws, his 32-for-33 (97.0%) record is likewise the best, according to Schuhmann.

Curry is still the team the Warriors turn to when they need a basket, and he typically delivers. Curry also leads the NBA with nine buckets in the last minute of play to tie or win the game.

He will turn 36 in March, and he has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. This is fantastic news for Golden State because Curry’s 2021 contract extension has two years left on it.

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