UNBELIEVEABLE,HUGE ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin WrestleMania 40 Plans Scrapped

Steve Austin, or Stone Cold, did not make an unforgettable appearance at WrestleMania 40, but the WWE had initially planned for the superstar to play a significant part in the Night Two main event.

The organization wanted ‘The Texas Rattlesnake’ to be among those who hurried to the ring to assist Cody Rhodes during his Undisputed WWE Championship match against Roman Reigns in Philadelphia, as Dave Meltzer pointed out in the most recent issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The Undertaker was brought in as the legend to stop “The Final Boss” from helping his cousin during that show-closer, but the two parties “couldn’t reach a financial agreement.”

It made sense that many were wanting to see some former celebrities assist “The American Nightmare” during his match against “The Tribal Chief” under Bloodline Rules. Many fans were holding out hope for a double run-in between Austin and John Cena.

Though the latter portion of that fantastical story eventually came to pass, what could have been an even more amazing glass smash and stunner was ultimately superseded by ‘The Deadman’s ring arrival and chokeslam.

Next year is always an option



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