Mikel Arteta makes Son Heung-min claim as Manchester City miss looks set to cost Arsenal the Premier League title

Mikel Arteta makes Son Heung-min claim as Manchester City miss looks set to cost Arsenal the Premier League title

When Arsenal had the chance to take the lead in the title race, Mikel Arteta claims that Son Heung-min, the captain of Tottenham, is the one Premier League player he would have preferred.

The Gunners know they will need a major favor from West Ham in order to have any hope of ending their 20-year title drought as they get ready for their matchup with Everton on the final day.

Manchester City’s 2-0 victory against Spurs in midweek has moved the defending champions two points ahead of Arsenal, guaranteeing they will take the trophy if they beat West Ham at the Etihad Stadium.

In a different universe, though, Arteta’s team would welcome Arsenal, who are hoping to win the Premier League for the first time since 2004.

Son had a fantastic opportunity to equalize with Man City leading 1-0 against Tottenham with time running down. He stole the ball from Manuel Akanji and raced through on goal, but Stefan Ortega, the substitute goalie, saved his effort.

Although Son’s loss devastated Arsenal supporters, Arteta maintains that Son was the one player he would have like to have had the chance to stop Manchester City’s title challenge.

“If I had to choose one Premier League player for that particular moment, it would have been him,” Arteta remarked.

Michael Jordan frequently discussed how many times you can make the game-winning shot and how occasionally he wasn’t able to do so. What can you do, considering this is part of the sport’s attractiveness too?

Although there was hope, it was not realized. Now that Everton is playing well, we have to perform our job, which will be difficult.

“It’s one of the biggest weeks for sure for many of us,” Arteta continued. Without a doubt, this is the most significant time. Looking forward to Sunday with great anticipation. Extremely hopeful about the potential result.

Thus, we must once more demonstrate our ability to outperform the opposition and prevail in the match. We must hope for the best, ask West Ham to have an incredible day and support us in realizing our dream.

Even though not many experts are projecting a surprise championship win on the last day, Arteta still “thinks” his Arsenal team will win the Premier League.

With 27 victories out of 37 games played, the Gunners have had an incredible season and are leading Manchester City in the race for the crown.

“We are competing for the Premier League on the final day of the season,” Arteta remarked. Despite being constructed over two decades ago, the Premier League trophy has yet to be displayed at the Emirates.

That is an extremely long period. We need to have a lot of optimism. The trophy will be present, and it’s probable that we must fulfill our obligations before watching to see what transpires.

“Imagine how much I could believe in August if I don’t believe now.” We have no chance when we play 38 games against Man City in August given their performance over the previous 12 or 13 years and our performance over the previous 20 years in the Premier League.

This isn’t how we should begin. Certainly, we must have faith.



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