INCREDIBLE NEWS;Arsenal told Jarrod Bowen won’t make same mistake as Son Heung-min vs Man City

INCREDIBLE NEWS;Arsenal told Jarrod Bowen won’t make same mistake as Son Heung-min vs Man City

If jerrod bowen had the same chance to score a goal as Son Heung-min had in his failed one-on-one against Manchester City, David Moyes is certain he wouldn’t make the same error.

Fans of Arsenal may unwind.

Tomorrow afternoon at the Etihad, David Moyes is adamant that he will bury it if West Ham attacker Jarrod Bowen goes clear through in the last seconds and has the opportunity to steal a point. Not an issue.

In contrast to Tottenham captain Son Heung-min, who was unable to equalize against Manchester City on Tuesday despite having a one-on-one opportunity in the 86th minute, and handed Mikel Arteta’s North Londoners the title chase.

Before his 231st and last game as Hammers manager, Moyes was questioned about how England’s top scorer, Bowen, who has scored 20 goals this season, would perform in a similar pressure-cooker situation. And the Scot’s answer was precisely what every Gunners fan hoping for a miracle in the shootout to win the championship wanted to hear.


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“He now has greater strength and quickness. He plays the general role in a really good way. However, he’s prospering on the goals with his finishing! Right now, he has a tiny bit of the tiger’s eye in him. It is imperative that he maintains that momentum for us.

It won’t be the first time a Moyes team has defeated a championship contender in this manner if West Ham manages to spoil City’s bid for a record-breaking fourth crown in a row.

His Everton team shared the victory in an eight-goal thriller with Manchester United during the 2011–12 campaign; this outcome paved the way for City to eventually unseat Fergie’s Reds and win the championship.

This term, Moyes’ Hammers are certain to finish ninth, and he acknowledged that “it certainly did change things.” That day, we really put them to the test and each pulled four.

“I have vivid memories of it. The manager was Sir Alex. I must admit that thereafter, he was definitely not the happiest with me at the office. That day, I believe he offered me the inexpensive red wine.

It’s unclear if Moyes and Pep Guardiola are having champers or plonk this evening. However, he is just interested in supporting West Ham and has no interest in helping Arsenal. “We have to do it for ourselves,” he continued.



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