WWE Stars Make Light Of Bianca Belair Pregnancy Speculation

WWE Stars Make Light Of Bianca Belair Pregnancy Speculation

Many WWE celebrities have made lighthearted fun of Bianca Belair’s possible pregnancy on social media!

Those with keen eyes saw that Montez Ford changed his Instagram bio yesterday, adding the phrase “Father of 3” along with emojis of a female and two male infants. Ford only has two children from a previous relationship—a daughter and a son—to whom Bianca acts as stepmother, so the transformation is noteworthy. Many have therefore conjectured that Belair is expecting a boy child as a result of the shift.

Ford’s regular tag team partner Angelo Dawkins became interested in the rumors when they got so wild. Dawkins quote-posted dozens of laughing emojis in response to multiple postings on X that speculated on the rumour.

His lighthearted taunting persisted during SmackDown, when Bianca Belair faced Tiffany Stratton in a Queen of the Ring Quarterfinal bout. Dawkins made jokes about how Belair purportedly gave birth just before she wrestled on the show as she made her appearance.

Montez Ford Also Made Light Of The Bianca Belair Pregnancy Rumours

Additionally, Montez Ford poked fun at the rumors about Bianca Belair’s pregnancy.
Ford joined in on the jokes as Dawkins carried on making fun of the rumors. Ford has been updating his Instagram and Twitter biographies since SmackDown to add to the number of alleged children he is father to; as of this writing, that number is at 11.

Ford explicitly targeted Nick Cannon on Twitter, writing, “FU NICK CANNON IM UP,” after earlier making a joke about having more kids than the television personality. Despite being the main subject of the rumors, Belair has not responded to any of them.



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