NEWS NOW The Toronto Maple Leafs Summer Just Went From Bad to Worse

The Toronto Maple Leafs once once more wrapped up the season with a disapointing execution that’s ensured to lead to alter.

And, as is yearly convention, the Toronto Maple Leafs administration finished the season with a unreasonable press conference where they make dubious guarantees and allude to changes within the most non-specific way conceivable.

The Leafs as of now terminated their coach, and while they’ve however to enlist one, that’s likely to come some time recently any players are marked, exchanged or something else moved.

The Leafs are in a state of flux, and as it were one player is absolutely not going anyplace. The rest of them? We’ll got to hold up and see, but that doesn’t cruel we can’t figure.

Toronto Maple Leafs Summer Time Player Development Checklist:
Who Remains + Who Goes
Auston Matthews:
He isn’t going anyplace, and indeed the famously awful administration of the Toronto Maple Leafs isn’t getting to exchange him.

Matthew Knies:
He’s a potential star player on an entry-level bargain and approximately to require on a much greater part. He might not be “untouchable” but he’s the another best thing.

Mitch Marner:
In spite of a few of the most idiotic thoughts I’ve ever heard or had, he’s not going anywhere either. 



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